LP-P121696R Neon Sign 11″ x 49″


LP-P121696R display Size 11″H x 49″L

 Indoor Red Super Bright LED Programmable Sign


Products details:

  • Frame Size: 11″ Tall x 49″ Wide x 4″ Deep.
  • Invisible view area 7.5″ Tall x 45.5″ Wide
  • Sign weight: 15 Lbs.
  • Display 12mm Pixel Pitch
  • Comes with easy to use WIFI program
  • Software included save with USB key
  • Support JPG, GIF, BMP,
  • 1 Year warranty
Products Features:

  •  Driver:  for AC 110v
  • Color of product case: Black
  • Aluminum frame, easy carrying and durable, Time-saving and quick installation
  • Display color:  (Red color only )
  • Display content:  English, Chinese, Japanese, kinds of pictures, numbers, symbols, stereogram, and three-dimensional animation.
  • Kinds of display effect inside: rotating, scrolling, radiating and flashing
  • Character style: Varied character, words and color adjustment.  Each word can be adjusted individually, including enlarging, overstriking.
  • Italic, flashing, swing, scrolling, and so on.
  • Display 1 or 2 lines character
  • Hotel, Restaurant, Office, Traffic, Festival, Health, Gym, Bank, Bus, Station, etc. And can  be chosen in shows
  • Display performance: Electronic clock, switch timer function, sending special words function, changing order function, text editing function


LED Programmable Sign

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 55 × 8 in

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