Favorite autumn vast Cycling Clothing , very thick blue sky , overlooking the vast land .

Favorite autumn language , sad , low-key , elegant, Chu Chen , everything about you .

Sketchpad autumn colors are simple and colorful , autumn Wan yellow dot is wiping is flooding the Yellow Daisy is little apricot leaves .

Autumn wind is cool and dry taste , and is accompanied by a stinging dust , the cool early every joy , is recalling the memories of sadness.

Autumn nights are sleepless nights with a point of taste is accompanied by moonless window alone , can not see five fingers outstretched hands is desolate , a knot in the sink filled with cold weak in the air .

Bright youth always roaring at each season , autumn is the most blooming flower in full bloom when the memories , Nalan phrase " Bowl , what seems sad autumn picture fan" , who either can forget the poignant and sad poem sentence , how road not revealed the number of children ages heart , that linger in the fragrance Chunchi Jian , Yin Mok words that desolation , vertical is still in the autumn , which like any live original craze Cycling Clothing , are better known acquaintance , accompanied in the process of knowing each other , but have lost the kind of beautiful. Nagging , shallow thinking, autumn in the plot got too many sad and touching OK .

Sleeping too long in the city , where in the wake of this morning , broke away misty eyes , but not a single glance of the sky, smoke gradually dispersed , gradually lucid world , gradually noisy autumn , sleeping one night in the world , one one wake points , autumn , ah, because who you are and awake, you sleep in there how beautiful, how beautiful they look forward to . Whether it is waiting for me near ? The heart secretly laugh bloom, looking forward to this beautiful encounter . I'm like a child, tasting the sweetness of sugar taste , but willing to swallow alone , you want to find someone to share this wonderful taste. Perhaps growing up , more and do not like the taste of sweet , bitter and sweet life is to understand , but just want to drink footmarks dry bitter taste, chew , is long forgotten once the sweet taste ? Or just want this bitter taste in TV drama lost memory bit by bit ? May be hidden in the autumn wind Haze knows , maybe in the autumn of silence Bingchan understand , just like the comb , like autumn , like Feelings do not want strong , plain do not like luxury.

Do not remember when, leaves have covered the earth , so that autumn , I deeply feel for you, your predicament short years , I seem to see you waving at me , shows you away , you will want to tread on the far journey. Such dismay you separate your 2012 , and in the most prosperous times extravagant , Cycling Clothing finally got the last refuge .